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Side Tours / Activities

ONLY $1,500* per person

Enjoy the supreme sights of Africa by visiting the Kruger National Park with one of our trusted and experienced guides.

A 1-night, 2-day trip will quiche your thirst of the sensational BIG 5.  Residing in one of the luxurious bush lodges of the Northern Kruger Park, be at peace with the minimal number of guests and silence around the campfire.  Make sure to bring your best lens for this thrilling experience.

Including three meals per day, plus wine, beer and softdrinks.

Enjoy a fun filled day of fishing in our large, well stocked dams, challenging one another to the size and species of the day. Mind the odd opportunistic crock that might want to snatch your catch.  Be sure to save the best moments through your lens.

All tackle and bait will be provided.

For those not hunting the abundant birdlife ranging from very rare to very popular, will surely enlighten your experience.  A large number of aquatic birds are nesting in the dry trees and some of their parenting habits proves to be very entertaining. 

Species includes amongst others:  Saddle billed stork; Martial eagle; African Fish Eagle; Nimmersat;  Hamerkop; Giant Egret; Marabou Stork to name a few.

$250 pp (day trip)

Come and join these diverse pilgrims and share unforgettable moments sipping sundowners at the confluence of the legendary Limpopo and Shashe Rivers, watch the eagles soar over Botswana and Zimbabwe’s skies and enjoy the echo of elephant trumpets in the distance.  Take a treetop walk, or just relax and absorb the surroundings.

Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site is rich in bio diversity, great scenic beauty and your contribution of visiting the park will ensure the cultural importance and archaeological treasures of Mapungubwe be reserved for generations to come.

Nature up close-and-personal ....

Experience nature up close-and-personal on horseback.  The breath-taking scenery surrounding the dry riverbed is as enchanting as the huge Leadwood trees giving lead to the name Leadwood Ranch.

With literally thousands of animal tracks in the sand surrounding water pools, this is not only a joyful experience, but will also leave one amazed to see how much wildlife activity there is – not seen with the untamed eye.

As part of our staff training and -incentives programme, we’ve recently had 2 ladies trained and are now offering the Leadwood Leisure Full body Relaxation massage.

$600 per hour

At African Wild Safaris we also offer our clients exciting Game Flights that will give them a complete different perspective of the wildlife and terrain of our concession.