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Your trophies will be marked, salted, and field prepared prior to being send to a taxidermist.  African Wild Safaris will prepare all taxidermy documentation and arrangements.
We can recommend several local taxidermists, but you are free to send your trophies to the taxidermist of your choice.  

The choice of the mount is very important, as it will have to leave and ever lasting impression of the hard work and efford put in - from the first day that you've planned your safari, to the day of the actual hunt. It can not be changed afterwards.  It is something the hunter has to decide on before reaching the skinning shed.

Most popular mounts are:

European mount
This is also referred to as the "skull mount", and is probably the most cost efective way to display your priced trophy, especially if you don't have excess space in your display room/wall.  This mount only features the skull and horns.

Shoulder mount
This mount features the animal's head and skin, and streches to the breastbone and shoulders.  It is a near reflection of what the animal looks like in its natural habitat. The beauty about this mount is that the facial features, expression and skin looks and feels true, it doesn't take up that much space and it's by far the most popular mount.

Full-body mount
This mount entails the whole body, and can look very life like.  It is the ultimate way to capture the impressive beauty of the animal and it's importance to the hunter.  In order to do a full-body mount, one must first ensure that there is enouch space in the display room in order for the trophy to appear noble.